Some time ago at a TEDx Event, Shelene Bryan founder of, ended her impressive presentation with the following statement: “My fear is that I will succeed at something that does not matter.”

Successful entrepreneurs will unanimously express the importance of the need to know your Why.  If you’ve been self-employed, have a home based business, involved network marketing, or trying to enhance your career,  then you have probably heard someone talk about the need to know your Why.  This provides the foundation and added value to whatever you are doing in your business and career.

Take the time to define your Why!  This is the most important process and fundamental step that you can take, to begin your journey to success, in whatever endeavor you choose to pursue.

What is your Why?  How can you discover what it is?

It is a very personal process!  The importance of developing your Why is fundamental to your success in any endeavor you set out to accomplish.  Developing a strong Why is a process that will take some time to achieve.  It is a process that you want to revisit, after a period of time, to review and revise.  Every building has a cornerstone, and having a strong “Why” gives you the foundation to build on.  Your Why may be similar to others, but this has to be defined by you.

Here are five areas and questions to guide you through the process of developing your “Why”.

Where do you want to be? (in five years? in ten years?)

Start with, “What will your life look like in ten years?”  “Where are you living? What does your home look like?”  “What does your daily routine consist of?”  “What activities fill your time?”  This is more than goal setting — goals are part of the process, and the steps you need to take.  Go into great detail for each day of your week — outlining your future lifestyle.

Where are you now?

It’s important for you to assess your current circumstances.  “Where are you financially, socially, and in your relationships?”  “Where are you spiritually?”  What are your resources: who do you know, what is your passion, what are your strengths?  Identify your current skill-sets, your training, knowledge and life experiences.  This is the time to be “gut-level honest” with yourself!  Perhaps, you may want to sit down with some close friends to get their perspective of where you are currently.

What are the things that are holding you back?

What are the obstacles and fears that have prevented you from moving forward?  Are you too busy?  Do you need more training?  Do you lack confidence?  Do you need to prioritize?  Remember, you will lie to yourself more than you lie to others around you.

What steps and actions do I need to take to begin? 

What are the plans I need make?  What are the solutions I need to find? What things in my life do I need to eliminate?”  Be mindful, there are many things in life that are good, but just not necessarily good for you right now.  “What changes do you need to make in order to move ahead?”  Who do you know that can assist you in this process and hold you accountable?

Now that you have gone through this process, you have discovered your Why!

 Write out a statement that summarizes your core values and beliefs that fuel your purpose.

Is your WHY strong enough?

As you’re building your business and improving your career — developing a strong Why will get you through the difficulties that you will go through.  It will help you stay focused on the end result.  Like Shelene Bryan’s quote at the beginning, you can eliminate the fear of spending your entire life on something that really isn’t that important after all.